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Online training in data visualization and storytelling

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An Introduction to
Data Visualization and Storytelling

It’s the course that will get you ahead of the crowd!

The Skills You Need

Learn how to communicate data in a meaningful, memorable and highly effective way. Champion today’s age of data by incorporating storytelling and design-thinking methodologies into your data communications. We’ve broken it down into the most impactful learnings – you don’t have to be a tech whiz or a designer.

Proven Processes

Find out the real-world techniques that we know succeed over the last decade and uncover the step-by-step processe that we continue to use today on data viz projects big and small.

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Achievable Exercises

No, it’s not just theory! We’ve crafted hands-on exercies that build your sketching and data design skills from the ground up and empower you to practice data visualization at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Experienced data visualization trainers, each with unique backgrounds…

Otto Ottinger - Managing Director of Datalabs Agency

Otto Ottinger


Datalabs Agency’s managing director, Otto has been called upon to collaborate with an impressive inventory of big brands and business across the globe to strategically utilize data through design and storytelling. He’s spoken at more data conferences than he can count … but luckily he knows a script for that.

Kristian - Lead Designer at the Datalabs Agency

Kristian Wisener


Lead designer, Krisitian, has the knowhow and techniques to transfers ideas into visual realities. He’s facilitated face-to-face data viz workshops and worked on countless data viz briefs within the agency.

Cassandra Lilley - Project Manager at the Datalabs Agency

Cass Lilley


Stemming from online learning platforms and tech, Cass has versatile experience across web and multimedia development, data, design, software, UX and more. A natural problem solver, she integrates this knowledge into her processes as the Datalabs Agency’s project manager and into the training exercises she’s faciliated to workshop attendees.